Spain on Brexit: 4 freedoms ravelled


“Other formulas will have to be sought to gain access to the internal market, but the four freedoms must be guaranteed’ – said Alfonso Dastis, Spanish Minister of foreign affairs in an extensive interview to  El Pais newspaper, commenting on influence of #Brexit on the #EU27, and reflecting on a new arrangement with the UK. The future UK autonomy in legislation and independence  from the EU jurisdiction are ‘incompatible’ with the fundamental ‘four freedoms’ principle of the EU project, underlined Dasits. The free movement of people, goods, services and capital continue to be ravelled values EU citizens ought to enjoy without alteration.

The  bilateral agreement between Spain and UK over Gibraltar in case the latter would be interested to have relations with the EU is a possibility, Dastis suggested, excluding the bypasisng of Spain in the matter, however he admitted the difficulty in pursuing the ‘joint sovereignty’  over Gibraltar after  Brexit.

The probability of Marine Le Pen victory in upcoming French presidential elections Dastis assessed as weak, he believes ‘it will not happen’, but in case it happens he relies on common sense of French people who understand that it is ‘cold’ outside the EU.

(Source: El País)

Illustration: Gibraltar rock





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