Terme Euganee – the Venetian Spa

The thermal baths of Abano, Montegrotto, Galzignano, Battaglia and Teolo are the largest European health resort. Deep in the green hills of the Euganean Hills Natural Park in the province of Padua, they represent a place of rebirth and an occasion to spend a special holiday for those who love health, relax, nature, our artistic and cultural heritage and the pleasures of the table.

All the hotels offer well-advanced thermal centers, specialized in mud therapy, operating within the national health service.

Taking a holiday in Terme Euganee means forgetting everyday stress in an oasis of peace which is one of a kind: 240 thermal pools where you can relax while bathing in 37°C warm water and the possibility to use the spa in all the hotels.

At Terme Euganee you will find an atmosphere of peace and a sense of well-being that has guaranteed comfort and discretion for over two thousand years.abano

Abano Terme. The capital of the Euganean spas.

Abano Terme thermal tradition dates back to the legendary times of Aponus and in 19th century some of the local traditional thermal centres were set up.

The town is also the place where the first Aristotelian philosopher in Padua, doctor and astrologist Pietro d’Abano, lived in 13th century. Strolling in the town centre means discovering the history of the last two centuries: the doric column by Giuseppe Jappelli stands out at the thermal spring on Montirone Hill, where the Glass International Museum lies, and Jappelli himself designed the neoclassic façade of Orologio Grand Hotel; historic Trieste&Victoria Hotel was a base of the Italian army during World War I and the room of General Armando Diaz is nowadays still unchanged.

The frescoes of Villa Bassi, as well as their stunning fountains and water decorations, are not to be missed and Amleto and Donato Sartori International Masks Museum is also worth a visit.

Montegrotto Terme. The history of the Eganean spas.

The thermal springs in Mons Aegrotorum are mentioned in ancient myths and legends. In the town center it is possible to visit the archaeological excavations with the ancient spa and theater, where archaeologists are

currently discovering important Roman patrician villas and residences. Montegrotto Terme has always been one of the favourite places of European tourists because of the green parks surrounding the hotels and the contact with nature. Villa Draghi and Villa Del Negro, one of the residences of opera singer Maria Callas, are two examples of the 16th century splendour. Other tourist attractions are Aquae Patavinae archaeological excavations, Butterfly Arc and Y-40, the deepest swimming pool.

Spa Euganee

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