Romeo Wellnes “Dogana del sale”, the virtues of salt for your relax

Hotel Romeo, Naples, Italy (2015)

The virtues of salt, water rituals, the most sophisticated design and new technologies: Romeo Wellness – Dogana del Sale is the only luxury SPA in Naples, one thousand square meters dedicated to wellness distributed between Humid Area, Relax Area and Gym.

The Humid Area includes a Finnish sauna, infrared sauna with walls of Himalayan pink salt, Turkish bath, three pools – swimming pool (one with Whirlpool tub, one with Airpool tub and one with an energizing waterfall), Kneipp, Frigidarium, snow waterfall, tropical rain showers.

The Grotta del Sale

The path to health and wellness also includes the “Grotta del Sale” (Salt cave), a real plus for the SPA: a space entirely covered of salt, managed with optimal parameters such as to create favorable and comfortable conditions to the halotherapy characterized by constant temperature and humidity. The use of advanced technology allows micronization of salt or a reduction in infinitesimal size of the salt, transforming it into a light powder, with a particle size less than 10 microns. This powder made of pure salt particles, emitted into the cave, it reaches the respiratory system and given the very small size, it reaches deep into the lungs, where it goes to perform its beneficial function. Suitable for people with asthma, chronic bronchitis, cough, sinusitis, respiratory allergies.

Hotel Romeo, Naples, Italy (2015)

Hotel Romeo, Naples, Italy (2015)

Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna is one of the Sauna latest generation: It has walls covered by backlit Pink Himalayan salt and uses infrared light to promote sweating and then the elimination of toxins even at low temperatures. The particular microclimate at a moderate temperature of 40-50° C promotes psychological well-being, the complete muscle relaxation and it has strongly detoxifying action on the organic apparatus.

Relax Area

It is a space dedicated entirely to the mental and physical rest, in which spend time with soft lighting and natural sounds, while benefits from a pleasant warmth and air rich in mineral salt ions.
The emitted light from the Himalayan pink salt walls is enhanced by the natural sounds of the Harmonic system Vibes for natural listening music, which spreads the sound like a violin or a piano played live.

The relaxation area also includes two Chromo-Cylinder: sunbeds characterized by a shape that surrounds and protects like a hug, where alternate colored light scenes from the chromotherapy benefits.

Salus per Aquam

In the three infinity pools, covered with white gold mosaic, you can surrender to the beneficial effects of treated water at different temperatures including images, sounds and lights designed for the most complete mental and physical relaxation.
The pools arranged in sequence offers different types of hydromassage in Waterfall, Whirlpool and Airpool.

Treatments and aesthetics

Eight cabins for exclusive beauty treatments for face and body complete the path of Dogana del Sale. You can choose from a rich menu of massages and facial / body treatments, antioxidants and rejuvenating programs and complete remise en forme. Between the used items, predominant salt in pink variants, white and red.

Technology and design to the well-being, this is the concept of Dogana del Sale that stands out in the panorama of beauty and health center.


Giuliano Canovese

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