Launch of the “Committee for East-West Accord” in Brussels

Gilbert Doctorow PhD
Gilbert Doctorow PhD

Gilbert Doctorow PhD


On dec 2nd 2014, european journalists were gathered in the press club Brussels Europe to attend the launch of the « committee for East-West Accord ».

Gilbert DOCTOROW PhD. launched the brussels activities of « the committee for east-west accord » taking as starting point the common understanding, without pointing out right or wrong actors, between countries of the European Union, Russia and Ukraine. This plateform wants to allow contrary points of view, to be a space of dialog and mutual understanding between those who back Ukraine, Russia or the European Union. Russia and Ukraine, two close countries, due to history, used language, common way of life and common past into the former USSR are condemned to live together and to get the means of mutual understanding. This is the goal of the « committee for east-west accord ».

A first event, called « The fragile triangle : the West, Russia, and Ukraine » was held in two steps. A presentation of the committee in front of more than 30 european journalists took place at the brussels press club. There was in exchange of views between the founder Gilbert DOCTOROW, MEP Miroslav Ramsdorf (Czech Republic, United Left group at the EP) and the assistance where the opinion of Ambassador Jack Madlock (former US ambassador in the USSR during Gorbatchov era) was read. The attendants were not only journalists but also ukrainian and russian officials and members of think tanks of both countries and Eu Affairs specialists.

Then at the EP, a roundtable aimed at exchanging views between MEPs took place with, among them, MEP Miroslav Ramsdorf (Czech Republic, United Left group/Nordic Left), MEP Gabriela Zimmer (Germany, United Left group/Nordic Left), Aymeric Chauprade, geostrategist and MEP (France, Non attached/Front National).

« The committee for east-west accord » will organise further events in the beginning of 2015.

Miroslav Ransdorf MEP hosted the event at the EP

Gabriela ZIMMER MEP, (chairman United lef/nordic left group) attended

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