You want to advertise on BrusselsDiplomatic ? It’s possible !

Either you have your own material, either we create it for you !

*Indicative price.

Ad in jpeg format:

  • You give us the material: 250€ for a monthly appearance
  • You give us the material: 600€ for a three-monthly appearance
  • you give us the material: 2500€ for a yearly appearance
  • conception costs,  one-shot: 250€


we describe extensively your company in a paper and we make texts and pictures. Videos are also possible

  • conception costs: without video 250€
  • conception costs: with video 500€
  • You appear one month on Brussels Diplomatic: 400€
  • You appear three months on Brussels Diplomatic: 1000€
  • You appear one year on Brussels Diplomatic: 4500€

Realisation of videos:

  • conception costs: 500€: one-shot
  • we publish your video on Brussels Diplomatic one month: 350€
  • we publish your video on Brussels Diplomatic three months 850€
  • we publish your video on Brussels Diplomatic one year: 4000€

The team works in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg. Other displacements possible on the invitation.

Brussels Diplomatic is daily seen by thousands of readers for diplomatic, expat and European community in Brussels and abroad

Possibility of agreements if more options chosen or a joint publication in our three daily newspapers: BRUSSELS DIPLOMATIC.COM, BRUSSELS-STAR.COM and BRUSSELSECONOMIC.COM. Possibility of social media presence of your brand !

Also agreements for your special needs!

Call us +32485217191 email us:


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