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Malta’s EU presidency

The priorities of the Maltese presidency are driven by the objective to restore trust in the EU, need for a dialogue and reflection on the EU’s future as well as the pertinent issues relating to migration, security and economy. During the next 6 months, the presidency will focus on 6 key areas: migration, single market, … Continue reading

Ukraine: ‘Jan De Nul’ saved again?

 The famous Belgian company “Jan de Nul” once again became the focus of loud international scandal involving the bribery of public officials. In Ukraine the “Jan De Nul” became the investigation object for corruption deal with Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA). Investigation conducts National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), that reports, that the owners of the “Jan de … Continue reading

EU: eyes at Mario Draghi

On Thursday the European Central bank is supposed to extend its monenary stimulus, however, accroding to many independent observers, it has exaused its capacity to continue to purchaise bonds in attempt to stimulate the eurozone slaggish economic growth. The remedy is far from being ideal as many experts say the EBC is facing a potential … Continue reading

MEP Farage for ‘Person of the Year’

  Nigel Farage the UKIP flamboyant leader of #Brexit campaign and the most notorious Brussels’ MEP,  has been shortlisted by Time magazine for their prestigious Person of the Year award after being credited with Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. The shortlist includes Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Mark Zuckerberg and pop singer Beyoncé. “As … Continue reading

EP: counter ‘foreign fighters’

EU nationals being radicalised and travelling to fight in Iraq or Syria represent a growing threat. Most of the recent terrorist attacks in Europe were perpetrated by home-grown terrorists, and some of them proved to be returning “foreign fighters”. The civil liberties committee voted this week on a new directive on combatting terrorism. The text, … Continue reading

EU border controls

All EU citizens and third country nationals entering or leaving the EU will be checked against databases, including lost and stolen documents, under a draft law informally agreed by MEPs and EU ministers. “Terrorism is hate without limits, and destroying human life is at the core of hate, – said Parliament’s rapporteur Monica Macovei (ECR, … Continue reading

NATO-EU ‘momentum’

6 December NATO HQ, Brussels ”Today and tomorrow, NATO’s Foreign Ministers will address some of the security challenges we are all facing and we will do that by addressing a wide range of the issues but at the core of the meeting is the importance of the transatlantic bond, the bond between Europe and North … Continue reading

#Italy: Renzi’s referendum lost

BREAKING: Italy‘s Renzi loses referendum on constitutional reform: exit polls. NO answer favored by minimum of 54% up to 58% of the voters. A “no” vote could pave the way for state intervention to prop up the bank. Italy is discussing with the European Commission the terms of a state bailout that has already been requested … Continue reading

EU: combatting terrorism

  On 30 November 2016, the Permanent Representatives Committee (Coreper) confirmed the agreement reached by the Slovak presidency with the European Parliament on the Directive on combatting terrorism. Today, 5 December, the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs also confirmed that agreement. This confirmation paves the way for the final formal adoption … Continue reading

Austira: Congratulions to Van der Bellen

  ‘It is my pleasure to extend my wholehearted congratulations on your election as Federal President of the Republic of Austria. On behalf of the European Council and personally, I wish you every success in your term as president. At a time when we are faced with many difficult challenges, the continued constructive contribution of … Continue reading

Austria: #Hofer lost elections bid

I congratulate Alexander Van der Bellen on his success and ask all Austrians to stick together and to work together. Austria’s Norbert Hofer has conceded defeat after his hopes of becoming the European Union’s first far- (‘middle’ as NH defines it)-right president failed. The first official results showed left-leaning candidate Alexander Van der Bellen with … Continue reading

#Italy votes upon future

  “If we miss this chance it won’t come back for 20 years,”  Prime Minister Matteo Renzi warned voters before campaigning was suspended at midnight on Friday. Italians are voting in a constitutional referendum on which reformist Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has staked his future. Whatever the outcome of a vote being anxiously watched in … Continue reading

EU-US: data protection

This week the Council adopted the decision authorising the European Union to conclude the so called “Umbrella agreement” which puts in place a comprehensive high-level data protection framework for criminal law enforcement cooperation. The agreement improves, in particular, EU citizens’ rights by providing equal treatment with US citizens when it comes to judicial redress rights … Continue reading

Tunisia: combating terrorism

“Working together in support of peace, prosperity and stability in the Euro-Mediterranean region remains a shared priority. Tunisia and the European Union are jointly addressing the terrorist threat. We have agreed that that threat must be combated by using all the instruments at our disposal in a coordinated manner, with due regard for international standards, … Continue reading

#Hollande: bows out

Anna Van Densky, OPINION The decision of French President Francois Holland to give up the contest for the second mandate is everything but a good news for the European Union, indicating profound crisis of Socialist ideology unable to deliver prosperity to French citizens. The so-called European values, especially cult of Socialist’s ‘solidarity’ meaning opening purse … Continue reading


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    The Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) enables the Union to take a leading role in peace-keeping operations, conflict prevention and in the strengthening of the international security. It is an integral part of the EU's comprehensive approach towards crisis management, drawing on civilian and military assets.
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