H.E. Ambassador Felix-Kodjo SAGBO, Ambassador of Togo to Belgium and the EU, summarized yesterday the last events before the new elections for the house of representatives in Togo.


Amb. Felix-Kodjo SAGBO


In a previous article with the deputy president of the national assembly of Togo, it was explained that a national independant electoral committee (CENI)  was established to guarantee free and fair elections. The CENI was working on national level and in the constituencies, the fairness of the elections is ensured by the CELI. The CENI has now registered all the parties in the constituencies and there are 4 parties with candidates in the 30 constituencies of the country.

The number of seats in the national assembly has been defined by the outgoing national assembly and other rules ensuring free elections were taken. Therefor, a common declaration was issued on june 24th by the delegation of the EU and observers from the US in which they congratulate Togo for “the efforts and the spirit of dialogue  and they encourage both majority and opposition to continue the electoral process in a spirit of sincerity and peace”.

All the conditions seem present to obtain a peaceful and fair election day on july 21st.



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