BRUSSELS – Today,  an exceptional event took place. As it seldom happens in the history of a country and in the history of  newspapers, Mischaël MODRIKAMEN, a business lawyer launched with a team “LE PEUPLE” a daily newspaper wanting to “reinform” the belgian french-speaking public opinion. Le Peuple refers to a former socialist newspaper created in the XIXth century to break the monopolistic presence of catholic and liberal opinion newspapers. “LE PEUPLE” in between ceased to be published about 15 years ago.Today he wants also to break with the “political correctness” of the main belgian media.

Due to the lack of right-wing opinion newspapers in France, journalism which was, -polls proved it- dominated by left-wing journalists went in the direction of “reinformation” newspapers as,, to face nowadays challenges of true, independant, information non-dominated by state powers and publicly subsidised newspapers.

“LE PEUPLE”, the new online newspaper of which Mischaël MODRIKAMEN is the publisher will be an independant self-supporting newspaper with, at the moment, about 10 contributors both from the civil society as professional journalists.

This new online newspaper, will be liberal (in the european sense of the word), conservative (for family values), pro-entrepreneurship, pro-atlantist, sceptical on european matters and climate change.

Mischael Modrikamen wants to make of his journal a polemistic newspaper which dares to challenge politically correct information and wants to deal with difficult issues.



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