Documentary films to celebrate 50th anniversary of Belgium-China relations hits the TV screens.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Belgium and China’s diplomatic relations, a six-episode documentary series capturing the lives of three Belgians in China and three Chinese in Belgium aired on October 25th on television.

The documentary series, “50 years of China-Belgium in their eyes”, explore the life of six people, including an entrepreneur, who set up a company fostering cultural exchanges, an esteemed catering professional and a “Tiktok” influencer.

Through the prism of these six individuals, the series aims to reflect the nature of China and Belgium’s warm and friendly relations.These short documentary serie, presented by the “China Media Group” (“CMG”) and the “International Radio and Television Union” (“URTI”) is officially broadcast on more than 30 mainstream Belgian media platforms (including “BX1”, “RTC Télé Liège”,” TVCom” and “Brussels Information Press” and “Decamps Media in Belgium” and Chinese media platforms (including “CCTV Documentary Channel”, “CCTV9”, “CGTN French Channel” and “CGTN English New Media in China”.

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