Replica of Syrian arch destroyed by Isis triumphs in Arona


The international event titled “Passing through, moving forward” after having been exhibited in London, New York, Dubai and Florence a recreation of Palmyra’s Arch , triumphs in piazza San Graziano of Arona (Italy) until July 30, 2017.

In Arona, become a global symbol of the triumph of cooperation in the field of conflict, of optimism and ingenuity of man on mindless destruction, will make a fine show.

The original structure located in the archaeological site of Palmyra and dedicated to the emperor
Roman Septimius Severus nearly 2,000 years ago was destroyed in October 2015 by a jihadist group and was rebuilt in scale using 3D printing from IDA, Sponsor Institute for Communications for Digital Archaeology of  Oxford and realized with the support of Torar, a company from Carrara.

“The structure has a strong symbolic value,” says Alberto Gusmeroli, Municipality of Arona – “Passing through, moving forward” wants to bring a positive message for continuity and peace, and is an important example of how modern technology can come to the service of culture to rebuild pieces of history that are no longer there. “

Roger Michel, Executive Director of the Institute for Digital Archeology “Anyone who appreciates the art and architecture that embellish the big cities of Europe and North America, science and technology that improve our lives or who enjoy the freedom of democracy, has the duty to help rebuild these sites because the history of a region where our artistic, scientific, and political traditions were born, is kept in them.

These monuments represent the history that humanity has in common and a rich and complex past that unites everyone.
By rebuilding these structures, we do not only reconstruct our own stories of nations, but the bond that unites us to each other “ends Michel.

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