Mozambique: EU welcomes truce


‘The European Union Heads of Mission in Mozambique welcome the temporary suspension of hostilities decided by the Government and Renamo.

“This is an important step towards confidence building and the pursuit of a sustainable outcome in the negotiations, lasting peace, stability and democracy, – says the statement. The European Union continues to support Mozambique to reach these objectives for the well-being of all Mozambicans”.

The Renamo opposition has prolonged a ceasefire for two month to create a context for talks with President Filipe Nyusi, the move is much expected for reaching peace in Mozambique.

On third of January the Renamo leader and challenger Afonso Dhlakama  from his stronghold in Gorongosa mountains in central Mozambique declared in a telephone press conference that his forces would restrain from  attacking  governmental troops.

In spite of this positive development the commentators remain pessimistic pointing at the perspective development of rich offshore gas reserves as a ‘combustible’ element in argument between rivals, claiming the possession.

The situation in Mozambique has degraded since 2014 when Renamo forces rejected the results of the presidential elections,  the struggle for power quickly  degenerated into clashes between contestants, causing grievances for population, fleeing violence to nearing Malawi.

(Source: EEAS)




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