Anci Lazio definetely has a lot to celebrate this year

dssddf We have three new projects approved under Interreg Europe Programme and two new ones under MED Programme.

The past strong effort on territorial cooperation carried out by the team of Anci Lazio helped to give concreteness to the expectations in the present  of the local communities of Lazio region being part of the Anci Lazio association.

We are also thrilled to see more and more stakeholders from Lazio region involved in our territorial cooperation projects on different topics related one each other: sustainable mobility, innovation, sharing economy and sustainable energy.

As ever, we are working hard to further expand our network, at local and international level, giving the Lazio local communities the opportunity to enjoy new experiences  and to grow together.


Regio-Mob and Ratio projects, both under Interreg Europe started last April 2016.

Regio-Mob is providing our associated local authorities important opportunities to increase the use of sustainable transport models promoting intermodality, incorporating innovative technologies and the use of “clean” and efficient systems among others. In fact, the European regions and metropolitan areas involved in Regio-Mob are eager and skilled to undertake the transition to sustainable and efficient modes of transportation, making it possible to improve urban mobility, remove barriers, and catalyze economic growth and employment.

In this ambitious context, where effective action also requires strong cooperation, REGIO-MOB is born.


The RATIO project is embedded in the Interreg Europe priority axis 1: Strengthening research, technological development and innovation, with the specific objective: improving innovation delivery policies. Thus, this project will contribute to reinforce the innovation culture in the region boosting innovative ecosystems where actors (regional and local authorities and innovation partners) and stakeholders (associations, academia, regional governments…) can work together in the Action plan to reach the needed policy change for the consolidation of innovative companies in non metropolitan areas.


Over November we will be launching “Electric Vehicles for City Renewable Energy Supply” – EU4CITYNRG (Interreg Europe), Open DOORS and Local4Green (MED Programme).

EV4CityNRG acts in a proactive way as a catalyzer for the transition from internal combustion to renewable energy fuelled electric vehicles. For this purpose, this project will collaborate with cities that have implemented V2G scheme and will study what policies and circumstances are the most appropriates for this transition.

Actually different, fragmented policies are observed, favouring electric vehicles through incentives at local, regional and national level. This includes measures such as energy or mobility taxations, parking and charging issues, energy regulations and grid connection costs. EV4CityNRG will inventorise, analyse and transfer adequately policy measures by cities, regions and member states. Secondly regional policies are addressed to implement the best solutions.

Therefore, EV4CityNRG aims to pave the way towards fair prized decarbonized future energy and mobility systems in cities.


open DOORS is a proposal which actualizes the “transnational innovative clusterization” process realized within the MED capitalization experience. In fact, this proposal is built on the heritage left by 5 capitalization projects which, as one result of the capitalization process, have produced a number of communities, networks and services dealing with creativeness and innovation as drivers for a smart and sustainable growth. Within the present proposal, a chosen number of scientific and institutional partners promotes the creation of a formal Mediterranean network, based on the existing innovative and creative communities, addressing the new global challenge of the Sharing Economy.

The proposed Study aims to demonstrate how the Sharing Economy can be a driver of economic (business dimension, integrative incomes etc), territorial (subsidiary principle and new available local commodities i.e. transport, accommodation
etc which cover public services’ gaps) and social (civil society direct participation) growth. It also defines the network’s joint strategy and action plan for offering a mix of innovative services to the creative local communities, enabling them to “open the
doors” to new forms of collaborative economy. The established open DOORS network will be ready, in the next future, to test the innovative services and to develop real and concrete experiences of Sharing Economy.

Local4Green is another relevant project that will support Local Authorities to define and implement innovative local fiscal policies, intended to promote Renewable Energy Sources (RES) both in the public and private sector and households, mainly in the framework of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) adopted by Local Authorities signatories of the Covenant of Mayors.

In rural areas and islands of MED regions, local fiscal policies have a key role in increasing renewable energy sources. Since rural local authorities have economical and technical constraints, RES promotion plans should prioritize collaboration and
active roles for private sector and households. Local fiscal systems are proper tools to lead and engage such actors in RES.

The project will support the testing of innovative local green fiscal policies, and monitoring their results in spreading renewable energy sources. As well, the project will facilitate capitalization of the best practices and application in other
municipalities, at national and transnational levels, since models of green local fiscal policy will be elaborated and disseminated as well as technical support will be provided. The project will provide Local Authorities with fiscal policy
models to be included in their own strategies and plans, especially in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors. Green fiscal policies will promote public and private sector engagement in renewable energy sources, to increase the share of
renewable local energy sources.

We all know that this is a great responsibility for us and will stay dedicated to bringing our local authorities and stakeholders the best opportunities existing in Europe in terms of innovation, green economy and local development.

Claudio Bordi

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