Technology, infrastructure and tourism: Namibia is ready for business

ACP YPN meeting on May the 10th was a great opportunity to interview Namibian’s ambassador in Brussels, Dr Kaire Mbuende, and ask him details on investment opportunities for foreign companies in Namibia.

The Republic of Namibia, situated in Southern Africa, is a wildlife conservation paradise and its stunning landscape are embracing Fish river Canyon the Etosha National park and Kalahari desert. Namibia is one of few countries in the world to  address conservation and protection of natural resources through its constitution.

“Namibia is ready for business as there are a lot of opportunities in Tourism and mining sector but we also encourage investments in the manufacturing sector because we want to add value to our products. The biggest challenge for Namibia is related to technology and know how”, stated Ambassador Mbuende.

Namibia’s economy is closely tight to South Africa’s business, due to their shared history and thanks to its natural resources, the largest economic sectors are mining, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.

Namibia is willing to expand his economy and their internal market needs technical and managerial skills to empower Namibia’s production potentials.

“ACP YPN” organisation brings together young professionals and diaspora from Africa, Caribbean and Pacific promoting exchange and dialogue for positive and potential international relationship. ACP YPN also aims to connect young professional’s networks in order to promote international synergies for solidarity in ACP countries.

Interview: Henry Borzi

Video: Angelo Cera




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