Wow technology at the Nuclear Security Summit 2016




The threat of nuclear and radiological terrorism remains one of the greatest challenges to international security, and the threat is constantly evolving. US President Barack Obama strongly supported the realization of the Nuclear Security Summit 2016 at the end of his mandate.

Wow technology, an Italian start up, was the only Italian firm present at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington. Wow, acronyms, of Wonderful water, is an Italian invention to purify radioactive wastewater that could help solve the issue of nuclear power plant. Mr. Adriano Marin the inventor, with his discovery has already won a slice of America. His patent is revolutionary. During those days when Heads of State over the world they gathered in the US capital to discuss nuclear safety, Wow Technology SpA of Padua won an important tender to run in South Carolina an innovative process of liquid decontamination of radioactive waste from nuclear power plants.

The thermodynamics procedure for obtaining these exceptional results is closely linked to evaporation and distillation, and as argued by the engineer Mr Marin: “In fact the secret of the discovery does not have any new phenomenon, but just the way how to control it, and borrows heavily from classical physics”.

Therefore, many possible applications of this new technology ranging from purification from heavy metals clearance of toxic fumes, desalination and treatment of landfill leachate of waste dump. In short, any liquid waste can potentially be treated with this historic discovery, all made in Italy.



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