Wow – Wonderful water is a new italian invention to purify radioactive water that could help solve the issue of Fukushima nuclear power plant .

WOW_Prototype under nuclear hood, LENA

WOW_Prototype under nuclear hood, LENA

Adriano Marin, engineer, built just during the tragic moments of the tsunami that hit the Fukushima nuclear power plant, in his own garage with other colleagues  a prototype of a portable water purifier with the aim to save from drought some African villages.

The first tests however soon show that the tool is not only able to separate the molecules of water by any element such as sludge , metals, pollutants of any kind, but with astonishment radioactive atoms. The unit of reduced dimension, purify radioactive water without using any filters or chemicals.

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Mr Adriano Marin, WOW engineer

Tests carried out at the LENA (Laboratory of Applied Nuclear Energy ) of Pavia showed it is possible to obtain a reduction of 7,500 times the concentration of radioactive cesium in the water. This would mean that, for example in Fukushima, from 25,000 cubic meters of purified water per month, you get 5000 cubic meters of sludge and waste. But with the new technology Wow you could get only 5 cubic meters of waste without producing additional sludge or waste .

A discovery with enormous prospects!

The thermodynamics procedure for obtaining these exceptional results is closely linked to evaporation and distillation, and as argued by the engineer Mr Marin:In fact the secret of the discovery does not have any new phenomenon, but just the way how to control it,  and borrows heavily from classical physics” .

Therefore many possible applications of this new technology ranging from purification from heavy metals clearance of toxic fumes, desalination and treatment of landfill leachate of waste dump. In short, any liquid waste can potentially be treated with this historic discovery, all made in Italy.

Video: Davide Borzi

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