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WOWATER: an astonishing water decontamination system

WOW_Prototipo Sotto cappa nucleare_LENA

After years of experimentation, Wowater nuclear water decontamination system – a systeme created by an italian engineer- is now used in Salluggia (Piedmont) nuclear plant where are stored 96% of the radioactive waste of Italy.
At the moment Wowater is a patent with global reach and in fact this technics exceeds the avant-garde techniques tested in Japan. Precisely for this reason this technology could be used to purify cooling water of the damaged nuclear reactors in Fukushima and produces a level of radioactive 5,000 times lower of the current system.

WOW Demontrator Rev. 1

In essence this futuristic discovery when applied to the nuclear industry can greatly reduce the waste liquids and be a positive contribution to an healthier environment.

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