EXPO 2015: walking through the “net” of Brazilian pavillion

With 4.133 square meters, the Brazilian pavilion play with the metaphor of the net in terms of flexibility, fluidity _7FT2746_12_05_2015 12_06_14_Braziland decentralization to welcome visitors to exhibitions, cultural and gastronomic activities, to highlight Brazilian commitment in giving people worldwide a full access to quality food.

The net is the materialization of the concept “Feeding the world with solutions” and act as a metaphor of flexibility, fluidity and decentralization to represent the bounds and the integration of different topics and players creating, once combined, the true Brazilian role in producing quality food to satisfy global demand in a technological and sustainable way.

Visitors join a multi-sensory and immersive experience, designed to combine innovation and sustainability, that finds its beating heart in the interactive net, connecting the building’s three floors. Walking on the suspended net and moving through its braids, visitors interact together and interfere with  the space through light and music: the sensors, in fact, capture movements and influence the sound and the lighting systems. In this peculiar path up in the air, people are invited to see through, to perceive “with the net’s eyes” the images, the colors, the flavors that animate the cultures situated at the ground floor.

The visit starts from an open area Green Gallery, with crops of plants, flowers and fruits from Brazil, and tables with interactive games and information about the puzzle of different cultures that Brazil is made of.

On the second floor, a projection in a transparent screen will display videos, activated by presence detectors.

The interiors will display Brazilian design such as benches produced by the Campana Brothers and lamps made with_9FT7700_06_05_2015 16_31_12_Brazil indigenous handicrafts. In harmony with the architectural project designed by Studio Arthur Casas + Atelier Marko Brajovic,  the furniture will be placed across the three floors, leading visitors through the originality of Brazilian design.

Fernando and Humberto Campana have exclusively designed three benches for the Pavilion. Each bench is between 12 and 15 meters long, and features organic forms in a plot of reeds, reflecting the architectural concept of the Pavilion, centered on the net.

Maria Ovidio


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