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Henry BORZI, editor-in-chief of brusselsdiplomatic.com and brussels-star.com, our special envoy in Siciliy


The special envoy of our newspapers brussels-star.com and brusselsdiplomatic.com, our editor-in-chief Henry Borzì landed yesterday in Trapani (Sicily-Italy) to follow a mission of Belgian members of parliament led by Parti Populaire chairman Mischael Modrikamen (Watermael-Boisfort) aboutthe massive influx of migrants by boat in Sicily and throughout southern Italy causing an unprecedented crisis of sheltering migrants,  the dispersion of these  migrants to the italien  cities in Italy and european locations, including Belgium.

So it is a problem of European dimension if not global
that these blgian politicians went to study.

Through meetings with Italian politicians, accommodation center

The belgian politician Mischaël Modrikamen travelled also to Sicily

managers, mayors of sicilian municipalities, entrepreneurs, they will be able to get an idea of ​​the solutions to this contemporary issue that raises many national issues: national security , human rights, free movement of people within the European Union and social cohesion.
Given the extent of this issue, our redaction decided tosend our editor-in-chief to inform you of this modern scourge that uproots men and threatens our societies.
More in our next editions


Miguel-Damien DESNERCK



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