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On September 12th., the “Lithuanian National Philarmonic Concert” gave one sout old  gala concert in “Bozar” to  officialy open  the cultural events in Belgium, taking place untill January 26th., 2014.


Violeta URMANA

Violeta Urmana, soprano, real opera diva in her homeland, performing major roles in the world’s great opra théâtres, was also on stage. In Brussels for the second time, she offered to the audience the best songs Lithuania can offer and a symphonic poem by  Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis, founder of Professional music in Lithuania.

Like Mister Sarunas Birutis, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, former MEP in Brussels, said : “Culture in Lithuania and Lithuania in Culture is the main theme of our cultural programme to celebrate the first Lithuania’s Presidence of the Council of the European Union. Don’t forget that the most important asset Europe has is culture. Also, like Europe is able to deliver culture of true quality, our Lithuanian programme is one more proof of that“.


The inner city of Kaunas

The inner city of Kaunas

Since Kaunas, second city of Lithuania after Vilnius, has some official relations with the city of Ghent, “Dreaming of Lithuania”, a great paintings’ exhibition of Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis (1875-1911) will take place in the “Museum of Fine Arts” of Ghent, from September 21st. untill December 15th. This painter was a genuine romantic, but his work, although at first mythological and symbolic, gradually became more and more abstract.

Great artist, he also performed his own music. So, on September 23d., at 2 p.m., during the “Festival of Flanders” , the “Ciurlionis String Quarted”, created in 1968, will play, surrounded by his paintings, his music, in the “Museum of fine Arts” of Ghent.

Back to the exhibitions, in “Bozar”, Brussels, from October 18th., 2013 untill January, 26th., 2014, “The Fluxus Wall” will show the works of Jonas Mekas (born in 1972) : video installations, photographies, artistic objects and indescribable objects of the “Fluxus Movement”, with wich Mekas is also associated.

On September 26th., one young Lithuanian poet, already translated into several languages, Agné Zagrakalite, having an effervescent personality and a great sence of humour, will perform in “Passa Porta”, Antoine Dansaert street, 46, downtown Brussels.


Other focus (more informations here) :

– “Hamlet”, November 15th. and 16th., at 7:30 p.m., interpreted by the “Vilnius City Theatre”, in “Bozar”, Brussels;

– “Jonas Mekas Retrospective”, October 16th.-30th., in the “Cinematek” of “Bozar”, Brussels;

– “Sarunas Bartas (born in 1964) Retrospective”, November 15th.-30th., in “Flagey”, Ixelles/Brussels;

– “Cinematic Inclusions Documentaries”, September 19th.-20th., in “Styx Cinema”, “Arbre Bénit” street, 72 Ixelles/Brussels;

– “Azuoliukas Boys and Youth Choir” (founded in 1959), December 15th., at 3:00 p.m., with the “Orchestre Royal de Wallonie”, during the “Voice Festival”, in “Flagey”, Ixelles/Brussels;

– “Sandglasses”, created by Juste Janulyte, interpreted by four cellists, with light projections wich appear, on December 18th., as closing event, in “Flagey”, Ixelles/Brussels.

Like the Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs said : “These different artistic performances, analysing the topics shared by the citizens of Europe, serve as a example of creativity wich sometimes proves vital when dealing with key issues. Enjoy now discovering the diverse culture of Lithuania“.



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