In the italian company’s Frabo case, a SME lead by a woman won against a german certification company at the european court of justice.

The point now is: why is the german press is not interested, at least, to light a small candle to see better what’s going on in  this case ? The entire German sector of energy products (gas and water) is under major changes because of the law proceedings brought by a small Italian SME, while the  german press remains silent to highlight the case.  The oldest German technical body, more than an “institution” in Germany -DVGW- , has to change its skin because of a battle led by a small Italian company run by four women (cousins), and the German press does not report anything on that. Why ?

There are strong accusations of lobbying into the Commission. These accusations are made by the italian press (Corriere della Sera, IlSole24, Giornale di Brescia>>>), and the german journalists refuse to react !

The point is: why ? why don’t they consider that this strongly “European” case should be communicated to german readers? Probably because they consider it’s not good to show all the advantages got by Germany through the Union, while Germany is using the common market to its own profit ? Is it better just to criticize southern countries? This is real economy. This case shows how Germany uses internal market, thanks also to undue pressure and power within the EU Commission,in order to sell german manufactured products in other countries. But when other countries want to sell their manufactured products in Germany, the same rules do not apply.

The southern countries are vilified while Germany should always be the strongest and perfect man in Europe. It’s to easy to let it as it is!

This case shows whatsoever that the Internal market is a magnificent machine, which just needs to be properly used and cleaned from  national pressures within the  Commission. Pressure that strips points of national GDPs.

Commissionner Barnier: will you get the balance right ?

Commissionner Barnier: will you get the balance right ?

We stand in the arena, waiting for an open debate on this case. We claim to know the clear vision of the Commission after the decision of the court of justice of the union in the case Frabo/DVGW

A case that shows how EU is a huge dream, where anyone can challenge the most powerful member state and, just using EU internal market regulations, can force this country to change the regulation of an entire sector.

This case should be well know by young  Europeans, as a model and a philosophy which shows that: “in EU you can do it”. The efforts of any single European can add something to our future. Young people have the means to develop a better world, just using what previous generation have developed: the European Union, a space of great peace and exchanges between its citizens.

 German guys, you’ve got the right to know! You too !

Miguel D. DESNERCK, publisher brusselsdiplomatic.com



  1. we are in 2013 and not in 1700 and EU it’s all of us. Press should grant information and not preventing it. We would like Germans to express their view

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