During the European Sustainable Energy Week, met Claudio Bordi from the Rome municipality in Italy to explain us the GreenItnet program.

It is a program initiated by the city of Riga (Letland), which brings together different european cities to exchange information and develop projects around good practices and green practives. This program is a huge vector of collaboration between the civil servants of local municipalities.

The main goal of the program is to explore, develop and spread industry-specific knowledge within the field of green IT (E.g. Smart grids, Mobility and virtualisation). The project´s aim is to collect good practises and policies on the essential role of energy efficient ICT used in the participating regions and to scatter the use of these to reduce the CO2 emissions in this sector

The participating cities are: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome, Riga, Manchester, Malta, Malmo, Catania, Czestochowa and Kranj. Also scientists, universities and private companies are part of the program.


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