The meeting between the parliamentary members of the bilateral section of Italy-Switzerland friendship, chaired by the Hon. Romaniello, and the representatives of the Fellini Foundation, based in Sion, Switzerland. Guests of the hearing were the President of the Foundation, Cav. Stephane Marti, and the Head of the European Union and Asia, as well as a member of the Board of the Fellini Foundation, Dr. Federico Grandesso.

Also present were the Hon. Nicola Acunzo, as Coordinator of the Parliamentary Intergroup Cinema and Performing Arts, the Minister of the Embassy of Switzerland in Rome, Dagmar Schmidt Tartargli, and Ruth Theus Baldassarre, Head of culture, science and media for the Embassy of Switzerland in Italy .

“Since its inception in 2001, the Fellini Foundation has proposed about a hundred exhibitions and cultural events, more than 40 monographic editions and catalogs. We can consider that our activities are developing in four different directions: 1. The creation of exhibitions for the general public, 2. Making its collection available for training and research, 3. Investment in technological innovation at the service of culture, 4. Collaboration with the economy by promoting know-how that creates value. If I can use a metaphor, the Fellini Foundation makes me think of a ship that has traveled the world in order to share a patrimonial treasure called the work of Fellini, that is, a great expression of Italianness “, explains Cav. Stephane Marti.

“Having organized various exhibitions and film events in Thailand, Singapore, India and Indonesia, we have found a strong interest in Fellini. This Asian curiosity concerns both the films and the whole corollary part, such as photos, posters, drawings, scripts, parts of decorum of the films. Also on the educational and academic part the potential for dissemination and explanation of Fellini’s work is very important, several directors in many Asian countries still see Fellini as a beacon of creativity. Given these positive premises, we hope for new future cultural collaborations with Asia, which increasingly involve Italian institutions as well as Swiss ones “continues Dr. Federico Grandesso.

“It is with deep satisfaction that I express my gratitude to President Marti and to Dr. Grandesso for the meeting with the Fellini Foundation, whose fervent activity aimed at circulating the work of Maestro Fellini in the world is an example of enhancement of the cinematographic heritage. Italian.

I thank the honorable colleagues of the Italian parliamentary delegation for relations with Switzerland, which I have the honor to chair, as well as the members of the Cinema intergroup, coordinated by colleague Acunzo, for participating in the meeting. I congratulate the Foundation on the work of the Foundation and I hope there will be other opportunities to meet in the future, since initiatives like this are of fundamental cultural importance and help to weld relations with the Helvetic Republic. I also thank the Fellini Foundation for its commitment to making the memory of the great master Federico Fellini enduring throughout the world “concludes Hon. Romaniello.

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