How to fund enterprises without banks: Criptalia is the future of Fintech

Diego Dal Cero Criptalia CEO & Founder

Criptalia was born from the idea of moving traditional financial products to blockchain in order to obtain time and economic advantages in its management.

The idea was to build an easy platform that could connect both worlds and making capital accessible to the companies while giving the investors the opportunity to returns on their savings at low risk.

We interviewed Diego Dal Cero Criptalia CEO & Founder.

  • What is the idea that prompted the birth of Criptalia?

The idea of Criptalia came to life when, after several potential opportunities of investment, me (Diego) and my partners weren’t able to invest in some initiatives because of the minimum amount requested to enter in the campaigns.

That experience triggered two main thoughts:

-How many companies, with growth projects, are not able to get capital from the traditional sources?

-How many investors want to invest their savings in companies that generate value to their local economy but today are not able to do so?

The idea was to build an easy platform that could connect both worlds and making capital accessible to the companies while giving the investors the opportunity to returns on their savings at low risk.

  • When was Criptalia born and the steps taken?

It was born in 2018 and the first year and a half were dedicated to creating the product from scratch. An easy-to-use, robust and transparent platform that could match the needs, not only of the investors but also, of the companies published.

The first project in Italy was published in February 2020 and since then we’ve had constant growth, reaching today 45 projects financed of more than 5M€.

On the expansion side, this year we had the wonderful news that we have been approved by CNMV (the regulator in Spain) to also operate in the Iberian country. The first 100% Spanish project was published in March and at the moment is open to investors.

Marco Nigris Country Manager Spain & Portugal
  • Which companies do you turn to and with what objectives?

By giving more accessibility to capital to these kinds of companies, we help the reactivation of the real economy, which impacts, directly and indirectly, the life of the investors.

We select SMEs and Startups that can generate a positive impact in the society and the economy where they operate. We are industry-agnostic as long as the capital is used to finance a growth project. Until now, we have helped companies in different sectors like agriculture, biotech, logistics, tourism, textile, food, energy, and more!

  • How does the blockchain fit into your project and what are the advantages?

Blockchain is a technology that can be used to improve many processes. One of the main ideas of using blockchain was to create a smart contract for each project financed through the platform. We are testing the technology at different points of our value proposition to see where it can impact the most.

  • What financial products do you deal with?

We are a crowdlending platform, this means that we facilitate the creation of a loan between each of the investors and the company looking for capital.

  • What are the requirements for the investors and how much can you invest?

The only requirement is to upload their ID to our system to validate his/her identity.

Every person, older than 18 years old, that registers in Criptalia can invest from €20 in the projects he/she likes the best with 0% fees. We don’t charge anything to invest nor to withdraw the money you earned.

Sergio Sannicandro

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