“The future of Jobs with Smartworking”

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At the end of pandemia, we’ll say 2020 is the Year of smart-working, even if reasons are dramatic and unexpected. This is a huge change and USA are already thinking about the future, and the enormous potential of a hybrid model.

“Model by Big-G”
In a recent letter sent to his employees, the CEO of Google explained what will be the further view: the introduction of a hybrid working week, based on three days in the office and the remaining two remotely. A test for a flexible working model, able to bring an advantage in terms of productivity, well-being and collaboration.

“And The others?”
Another American corporation, Twitter, has embraced the philosophy of permanent smart working.

Facebook is also preparing for the challenge of the future with Mark Zuckerberg’s idea (its employees will largely work remotely within 10 years).

Later, again, Microsoft: after initial doubts, today the Redmond giant opens at the possibility of transforming agile work into the only way of working.

Unlike the competitors, Apple continues to choose the face-to-face collaboration, maintaining the traditional plant until June 2021.

Sergio Sannicandro

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