EP President: Deeply worried by lack of progress in Brexit negotiations

Credits European Parliament EU


Statement by European Parliament President David Sassoli following meeting with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier

“In 114 days, EU law will no longer apply in the UK. Time is not on our side and frankly, I am deeply worried considering the lack of progress in the negotiations at this late stage. The EU respects the UK’s sovereignty and we expect the UK to respect our fundamental principles, which we have been open and clear on from the outset. Whilst we do not want a deal at any cost, we urge the UK to work with us constructively and find compromises that are in the interests of both sides.

“On the implementation of the withdrawal agreement, trust and credibility are key. We fully expect the UK to honour the commitments that it negotiated and signed up to last year – especially with regard to citizens’ rights and Northern Ireland. Pacta sunt servanda. Any attempts by the UK to undermine the agreement would have serious consequences.

“The Union, with its institutions and member states, is committed and united in wanting a fair agreement that benefits both European and British citizens. We fully support and have trust in our chief negotiator Michel Barnier.”


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