Luke Liu: a celebration of people to promote human rights and to combat discrimination

“This is a photo exhibition with photos displaying happiness in life of Chinese people of all ethnic groups with the purpose of showing the development in human equality and the importance of happiness in life. It also has the theme of anti racial discrimination, which is a topic that the whole world is dealing with now, and we would also like to make our contribution by raising awareness to the subject, so as to prevent future incidents like the one that happened in the US with George Floyd.

We support all governments to place importance in strengthening the protection of minorities, and pay more attention to the equal development of races of all skin colors”.

With these words Mr Luke Liu – curator of the exhibition ‘Photo Exhibition on Human Equality Development and Happiness in Life – China Chapter’ and Head of Human Life Happiness Research Center, annaunced today the upcoming exhibition taking place at Hotel Metropole, in Geneva, Switzerland on 10th – 11th July 2020.

“In each edition of these series of exhibitions we will showcase a collection of photos of people, in each of their respective Countries, in their daily lives, in order to reflect the natural state of happiness of the people of that specific area. The upcoming exhibition is a celebration of people that includes work by established photographers as well as those beginning to make their mark. For this exhibition, it was important for us to choose Geneva because this city is a sensitive and peculiar place that is deeply affected by its identity as a “the city of peace” – Mr Liu said.

Asia farmers are using buffalo to plow preparing rice for planting in the fields.

“We plan to host events on these topics four times a year, each time exhibiting in a different Country, so that by through the internet, photo exhibitions, forums and other ways we can make our contribution to promote the importance of human rights to the people of the world and to combat discrimination – the Curator stated.

All this is done especially in this week to match with the UN Human Rights Council that is going on until the 17th of July”, Mr Liu concluded.

The Curator is pleased to invite everyone to the opening cocktail at 6pm on Friday, the 10th July at Hotel Metropole Geneve, Quai du Général-Guisan 34, 1204 Genève, Switzerland.

Among many representaives of the Swiss art and political fields at the vernissage of the exhibition will also attend the diplomatic representatives of the Republic of China.

More infos and details can de found on the official Facebook page dedicated to the event

Organizers: Human Life Happiness Research Center, Association CCLI, World Chinese Medical Health Industrial Fund Union


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