Niccolo' Paganini (Genoa, 1782-Nice, 1840), Italian violinist and composer, Painting by Andrea Cefaly (1827-1907); (add.info.: Naples, Museo Storico Musicale (Museum Of The Music History)); De Agostini Picture Library / A. Dagli Orti; out of copyright

On May 27, 1840, Niccolò Paganini, composer and violinist, died in Nice, one of the most important characters of Italian music of the nineteenth century, considered one of the greatest violin virtuosos ever lived, both for the mastery of the technique and for the innovations made especially staccato and pizzicato. Essentially self-taught, Niccolò Paganini began very young to hold concerts throughout Italy.

In 1828, he made his debut in Vienna and until 1834 he traveled throughout Europe, collecting extraordinary successes.

In 1837 he moved to France. A lover of improvisation, his refusal to repeat, for the King of Sardinia Carlo Felice, a song on the occasion of a concert in Turin, in 1818, remains historical.

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