New invention converts the coronavirus to useful energy and saves lives of medical staff

Firstly, let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Bndean Omer, I am an engineer and inventor with over twenty years of experience in solving complicated and technical issues, addressing problems associated with renewable energy, marine technology, oil, gas, high mechanical rotation systems, and many other engineering-related technologies.

I have now developed a fast emergency plan to tackle the spreading of COVID-19 within the walls of the hospitals, and I would like to offer my new invention to different manufacturing companies to build and test the first prototypes of invention GB2003244.7. This technology is the first of its kind. It will safeguard thousands of doctors and nurses during the current pandemic and any future pandemic we may encounter.


 Key benefits of the invention are:


  1. Stopping the spreading of the virus from infected patients with coronavirus to healthy doctors, nurses, and paramedics during treatment and transportation of patients.
  2. Eradicate the virus from the surrounding environment of the infected patients during the treatment period.
  3. Cost and time effective conversion of existing hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, airports, military bases and others into temporary hospital facilities deploying the new invention.
  4. Wi-fi communication provided with both medical staff and relatives.
  5. The running costs of the new generation of hospitals based on  GB2003244.7 will be cheaper than existing hospitals. The new generation of hospitals invented will help eliminate coronavirus during the treatment period and convert the killer coronavirus to useful energy.
  6. This system will provide both mental health and support to medical staff, as it will ensure doctors and nurses continue operating without the risk of getting infected and spreading the virus to their friends and family.
  7. Even if new vaccines are discovered for COVID -19, the invention GB2003244.7 can save the lives of medical and research staff for future fatal viruses.

Where did you find the inspiration for this invention dedicated to hospitals? 


This new invention helps solve the many challenges that the existing hospitals are facing today due to the pressures of COVID-19. That was the main reason I decided to invent the right technology needed to save the lives of those on the front line, they are my inspiration.



How much time and financial resources do you need to put in place the first prototype?  How is it structured? 

Today my message is for all countries, ministries of health, European Parliaments, medical associations, researchers, the WHO, medical universities, private investors, and manufacturers of high technology medical instruments companies. I welcome you all to support my invention and the new generation of hospitals. I am ready to cooperate directly and build the first 8-bed working prototype P1 of a COVID-19 hospital. The estimated cost is 3 million euros for the steel containers for the structure of the building. The estimated building time is 90 days and requires further funding and time to cover P2 new medical instruments and heating and cooling systems. This project will also lead to the creation of thousands of jobs in each city around the world. Mass productions of 1000s of beds in the new generation of hospitals will significantly reduce the cost of the project.

This invention is in line with the scientific information we currently have on how this virus spreads. It is known to be an airborne disease and can last several days on surfaces and in sewage systems.

Which type of investors could be interested in financing your project?


I am reaching out to Mayors of big cities, universities, private investors and world-leading technological companies from all around the world. I am looking for support in starting a global project to build the first prototype P1 of COVID-19 hospital in your city, based on the new invention GB2003244.7.

Building this new technology system will allow medical staff to treat COVID-19 infected patients with coronavirus without needing to use the personal protection equipment in the hospital wards. This invention will prevent COVID-19 and future viruses with similar symptoms from spreading amongst hospital staff. Let’s work together in stopping the spread of the fatal disease and start building the new generation of hospitals.

My heart goes out to all doctors, nurses, paramedics and ambulance teams who must work under tremendous physical and emotional stress. God bless all of you who risk your lives to save the lives of others. I pray for families all around the world, who have tragically lost their loved ones as a result of this global pandemic.


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