Sassoli: EU success with al-Sarraj and Haftar in Berlin

Statement by European Parliament President David Sassoli ahead of Berlin conference on Libya

“The participation of President al-Sarraj and General Haftar in the Berlin Conference is a success for European diplomacy. It is proof that when the Union acts in a united and clear way it is able to make its voice heard on the international scene.”

“It is now necessary to continue to put pressure on the parties involved so that the ceasefire on the ground is confirmed by a formal agreement.  This is the objective to work on in view of the Berlin Conference where the European Union will play a decisive role. We must be ready to use every tool at our disposal, both civil and military, under the auspices of the United Nations, to monitor the ceasefire and ensure everyone respects the arms embargo. These are fundamental prerequisites for stabilisation of the country and to start a political dialogue between all main actors in Libya. Once again Europe has shown it can be the bearer of peace and stability beyond its borders.”

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