The Exhibition Viva Fellini !

The Fellini Centenary at The Cultural Center of the Fellini Foundation in Sion, Switzerland.

From January 20, 2020 to June 28, 2020. Official day January 20, 2020.

World premiere exhibition. Curators: Stéphane Marti, President of the Foundation, Nicolas Brun, Vice-President, Nicolas Rouiller, Director.

The immersive staging of a new exhibition by The Fellini Foundation for Cinema (Sion, Switzerland) led visitors on a path of rediscovery of the unique poetic universe of Fellini’s films. This was recreated using photographs from the sets, the music of Nino Rota, costumes, original set items and a variety of installations. Visitors were treated to three video montages produced from unpublished documents from the Foundation’s Collection, musical extracts and a text recited by Loris Musumeci and André Seppey, all in celebration of the key themes in these works: the origins in Rimini, the sea, the circus, Rome and women.

Among the original scenery from E la Nave va the public had the opportunity to discover other unpublished documents from the Collection of the Foundation as well as the words of Fellini recorded on the set of that film on March 16, 1983 by Stéphane Marti, at that time a university journalist. A space was set aside to showcase a selection of the 40 publications the Fellini Foundation has edited since its creation in 2001 as well as a video montage of the exhibition Fellini 100.

Genio Immortale, which opened at Castello Sismondo in Rimini on December 14, 2019. The Fellini Foundation participated in this event as a cultural partner of the Municipality of Rimini.

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