Novi Sad (Serbia), Youth Capital of Europe in 2019

Novi Sad, the second largest city in Serbia, has been awarded the title of European Youth Capital in 2019. This is another success for this dynamic city, which is hosting one of Europe’s leading music festivals (Exit) and will become the European Capital of Culture in 2021.

Novi Sad has been awarded the title of European Youth Capital 2019 in competition with cities such as Amiens, Manchester or Perugia.  The city presented the project “Novi Sad – Opening Doors”, which was an invitation to young people to become actively involved in their own development and building their own independence.

Following its nomination, Novi Sad hosted the General Assembly of the European Youth Forum on 22-24 November 2018. The event gathered over 250 youth representatives from all over Europe, who exchanged best practices and discussed policies of concerns for young people and youth organizations.

“I congratulate the city of Novi Sad on the title, because it confirms its important role of a city that is open to the world and to Europe. This city will also be the cultural capital in 2021. This confirms that young people in Serbia will shape the future of this country inside the EU. (…) Being the youth centre of Europe is an honour, a challenge and an excellent opportunity at the same time”, said Sem Fabrizi, the Head of the EU Delegation in Serbia during the event.

The European Youth Capital 2019 has been declared an initiative of national interest complementing the process of the Republic of Serbia joining to the European Union.

The title European Youth Capital is awarded by the European Youth Forum (an EU civil society organization), to the cities that show the greatest commitment towards active youth participation, development of local level youth policies, linking it with European level processes and fostering European values. During one year, the city is given the chance to show, through various programs, its cultural, social, political and economic life as well as development programs for young people.

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