Serbia on path to EU membership

“Serbia is doing good progress and is well on the path to membership. It is now time to move into higher gear and seize the opportunity of the Bulgarian and the Austrian Presidencies of the Council to take the next steps in the interest of Serbian citizens. Serbia is a European country with which we share history, culture and identity. It may play an ever greater role in the reconciliation, the stability and the prosperity of all the Balkans,” stated European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, concluding his visit to Serbia.

“I appreciate particularly the wisdom and vision of President Vučić, who shows leadership in finding solutions with Kosovo and other neighbouring countries,” added Tajani. “The meetings I had in Belgrade today strengthen my conviction that this historical objective is within reach. This is the message of encouragement that I wanted to bring to Serbian citizens and to local authorities.” stated President Tajani.

The President of the European Parliament held meetings with the President of the Republic, Aleksandar Vučić; the President of the National Assembly, Maja Gojković; and Prime Minister, Ana Brnabić in which he discussed advancement of the country’s path in preparation for EU membership.

“Strengthening our cooperation with Serbia is key to attract investment and to work together to increase security and manage migration flows,” emphasised President Tajani.

The President addressed the accession process at the Constituent Assembly of Belgrade, including representatives of governmental bodies, political parties, NGOs, experts, trade unions, private sector and representatives of professional organisations. President Tajani also opened the Business Forum on “Investment, Growth and Job Creation” aimed at facilitating contact and cooperation between investors and enterprises. At the said event, he witnessed the signature of reconstruction and housing projects co-financed by the EU.

“I am particularly pleased with the success of the business forum organised by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce with the Europe Enterprise Network, which has contributed to further opportunities of investment and cooperation between Serbian and European businesses. Around two thirds of the country´s trade is with the European Union and almost three quarters of Serbia´s cumulated foreign direct investment come from the EU. I would like to see further market integration and more joint ventures across all economic sectors. A clear EU accession perspective can only boost investment and the economy paving the way for prosperity, especially for the younger generations,” concluded Tajani.

Henry Borzi

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