MEPs on EU industrial strategy


The European Parliament passed a resolution today on “Building an ambitious EU industrial strategy as a strategic priority for growth, employment and innovation in Europe.

Through this initiative, passed by a large majority, Parliament forcefully demanded that the European Commission develop a cohesive industrial policy strategy promoting reindustrialisation by the beginning of 2018. This strategy should aim to attract more investment by putting industrial competitiveness at the forefront of EU policies on innovation, trade, the internal market, digitalisation, energy and sustainability.

“Reinforcing our industrial base is the best way to restore growth and fight unemployment, thus responding to one of our citizens’ main concerns. In fact, 80% of innovation and exports as well as a lion’s share of jobs depend on industry, in services as well as in manufacturing” – after the vote, President Tajani declared.

President Tajani concluded underlining that, “It is important to strengthen SMEs by integrating them into European and global value chains as well as improving the industrial investment environment.”

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