Migration: joint declaration by France, Germany and Italy

The Ministers of Interior of France, Germany and Italy and the European Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs met in Paris on 2 July 2017 to discuss the challenges posed by the increasing migratory flow on the Central Mediterranean route. They expressed strong solidarity with Italy, which faces rising numbers of arrivals. In order to provide increased support to Italy and contribute to stem the migratory flow, they agreed to work on a series of measures, including a code of conduct for NGO’s, to be drafted and presented by Italy; enhanced support to the Libyan coast-guard; providing additional support to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) working within Libya; encouraging the examination of possible concrete options to reinforce border controls at the Southern border of Libya; reinforcing the EU strategy on returns; and making full use of and accelerating the agreed EU relocation scheme. As an immediate follow up, the College of Commissioners will tomorrow discuss and present a set of measures to ensure stepped up implementation of EU migration policy with Italy and for reducing flows along the Central Mediterranean Route. The Commission is working in concert with the Estonian presidency of the Council and the measures to be presented tomorrow should then form the basis of discussions on immediate support for Italy that will take place at the informal Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting in Tallinn on Thursday.

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