EU Council: Brexit and migrant challenges ahead

Brussels. 22.06.2017. Today the EU leaders exchange on a range of the most pressing issues, including security and defence, economy, and migration.

The heads of state or government will discuss counter-terrorism and approach to eradication on online recruiting, and radicalization.

Leaders will also review progress in the strengthening of EU co-operation on external affairs on security and defence.

However, behind an official agenda, declared ahead of the meeting, there is a heated debate on migration and Brexit. Eastern states  of Vicegrad4 group – Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic – have bluntly refused to host illegal migrants to ease the burden on Greece and Italy, where most of the 1.7 million migrants arrived by sea, escaping conflicts and poverty, and famine in Africa, and Middle East. The European Commission launched infringement procedures against three disobedient states earlier this month, which can last years, foreseeing appeals. So far the calls for solidarity did not touch governments of East European countries, insisting on direct link between illegal migration and security compromised.

The other crucial issue is Brexit discussion with Theresa May, who came out weakened  after the snap elections. Two issues to dominate the first encounter: the fate of the EU citizens, settled in the UK, and vice a vera, and the looming ‘divorce allowance’ the EU27 expects to receive in compensation for the EU retreat from the multiple project, to be able to continue until the end of the budgetary term of 2020. The latter is a matter of a big argument, as the majority of the UK citizens see themselves as ‘shareholders’ of the EU, ready to pay ‘some amount’ to continue co-ooperaton on a selected projects,  but not a mind-boggling amount, put forward by the negotiating team. The need for the UK contribution to the EU budget is so acute, the EU Council president Donald Tusk underlined the door for the UK is open to stay any moment to revise the Brexit and keep the membership.




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