MEPs to open labour market for refugees

Asylum seekers should be able to work in the EU no later than two months after applying for asylum, instead of the current nine months, said Civil Liberties Committee MEPs.

But for reasons of labour market policies, and especially regarding youth unemployment levels, member states may verify whether a vacancy could be filled through preferential access by their nationals, other EU citizens or by third-country nationals lawfully residing in the country, they added.

To improve their integration prospects and self-sufficiency, applicants for international protection should also get access to language courses from the moment their application is filed, say MEPs.

In amending the directive on reception conditions for asylum-seekers, MEPs aim to ensure equal and high reception standards in all member states, which should contribute to a more dignified treatment and fairer distribution of applicants across the Union.

However concerns about European labour market being flooded by low-skilled workers were not addressed in the document. According to different surveys only 3% of migrants are able to find jobs in Europe due to lack of qualifications.




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