Tusk appointment as ‘discord apple’

Tusk simile

Poland will continue with the asymmetrical responses to European Union, obstructing bloc affairs in a line of protest to the EU imposing a Polish politician – Donald Tusk – as a chair of the EU Council meetings against the will of the Polish government.

The foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski said  Poland will “play a rough game” with Brussels as a response to the EU openly opposing Warsaw by reappointing Donald Tusk as head of the European Council, the foreign minister said.

Waszczykowski underlined that his government will continue to react to the reappointment of Tusk by “blocking other initiatives, to play a very rough game” with the EU, the way it had happened already at the last Council meeting, when conclusions were not validated in absence of the Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo signature.

“One has to state it openly: EU policy turned out to be a policy of double standards and cheating,” Waszczykowski  said in an interview to Super Express. However Poland could not boycott the European Council and will take part in its meetings. “We must be aware that we may be cheated any moment,” – the minister repeated. “For sure we must drastically lower our level of trust toward the EU.”

Warsaw insists that with Tusk’s reappointment Polish vital national interests had been ignored by the Brussels burocracy dominated by Germany. The attribution of the position at head of the major EU body to a rival politican has already caused the effects of ‘discord apple’. However Donald Tusk himself said the felt “optimistic” while receiving the second mandate,  demonstrating little sensitivity to the dark emanations of the Polish ruling party.

The Polish government of the eurosceptic Law and Justice (PiS) party has already had frictions with the European Commission over the rule of law, migrant crisis, climate change policy and environmental protection, none of the issues were compromised by either side.

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