Marine for President without immunity


Modestly, the European Parliament  official site does not mention the news making the headlines around the world: the MEPs lifted Marine Le Pen’s immunity from prosecution for tweeting photographs of the Islamic State (IS) violence scenes.

Member of the  European Parliament, Marine Le Pen is a leader of Front National party, and a front-runner for the presidential elections in France, recently entering the tough competition with Emmanuel Macron, the centrist candidate, who is regarded as her probable contestant in the second round.

At the moment Marine Le Pen is under investigation in France for posting three graphic images of IS killings in 2015, including the beheading of US journalist James Foley.

#Marine position as an MEP guaranteed her immunity, however it is not the first time the EP makes the exception for Le Pen family to hand them into hand of prosecution. The EP had also changed the rules to prevent the Front National previous leader Jean-Marie Le Pen to address newly elected assembly as the oldest MEP.

The actual EP move of lifting Marine’s immunity over two years old tweets is largely seen by the expert community as a desperate attempt of two major EP political forces: the centre-right (EPP) and the socialists (S&D) to prevent her ascending the power in France.

As a part of her political programme Marine promised to organise a referendum on France EU membership, similar to the UK Brexit, within six month after entering the Elisée Palace. On contrary, her contestant the centrist Macron conducts pro EU polices, immensely pleasing the European institutions, suffering the lowest tight of popularity through its history.



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