Mitrovica Bridge construcion


“The constructive commitment we have seen in the last two meetings of the Dialogue in Brussels today brings results, to prove once again that only dialogue and political leadership can deliver and for the better”, – says the statement of EU top diplomat Federcia Mogherini over the issue of the re-opening of the Mitrovica Bridge.

“The most important issues related to the pedestrianisation of King Petar Street and the reopening of Mitrovica Bridge have been successfully resolved in Pristina: the implementation of what was agreed began immediately and works have effectively started today. This will contribute to the freedom of movement, people to people contacts and ultimately reconciliation, and will benefit all citizens of North and South Mitrovica”, – continues the EEAS statement.

“Leaders in the region are demonstrating courage and vision by taking down walls and focusing on building bridges. This is very much the spirit of the EU-facilitated Dialogue for normalisation of relations between Belgrade and Pristina.

The opening of the revitalised Mitrovica Bridge and the completion of the pedestrianised King Petar Street in the nearest future will be an important achievement in the implementation of the agreements reached in the Dialogue.

Progress on normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is more than ever of utmost importance to preserve peace and stability between the two sides and in the region; it is also crucial for advancing of both sides towards European Union. The EU will continue its facilitation with strong engagement and I am looking forward to continuing the Dialogue with the leaders of both sides”.

“This agreement is likely to be short-lived as the key will be in its implementation and its consequences. The so-called “wall” is being removed, but the core reason for tension the Albanian rush to put its claw over northern Kosovo – keeps on looming”, – said  Aleksandar Mitic, Belgrade expert, to @BrusselsDiplomatic, commenting on the EEAS declaration.

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