Al-Sarraj request of EU funds: where is Gaddafi’s gold?..


“The European Union supports the Government of National Accord and your work, Mr Prime Minister (Fayez Mustafa al-Sarraj), since the very beginning and is fully committed both here and on the ground to work with you for the benefit of all Libyans when it comes to security that we know very well is the first concern of your citizens … offering a secure country and from the field of education, health, services, trying to deliver for the Libyans in Libya, ” – said EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini in her welcome word to Libyan Prime Minister Al-Sarraj.

“… The Prime Minister and myself discussed more at length – the ways in which the European Union can support his work to unite the country, to overcome this long and difficult time that Libya has been living and to make sure that the enormous Libyan potential can be turned at the benefit at the Libyans”.

In return to Ms.Mogherini couresy PM Al-Sarraj pointed the most efficient way the EU can help Libya requesting a substantial payment, funding his government efforts to prevent the migrant flows crossing Mediterranean.

“We hope that the EU mechanisms to help Libya will be more practical. We are not going to mention the amount of money that are dedicated to Libya for this help because they are very humble, very small amounts,” – said Al-Sarraj.

Noticning the discatisfation of the PM the EU has not reveiled the amount dedicated to Libya, but presumably it looks unsignificant next to six billion worth EU- Turkey deal supposed to reduce the flow of of migrants from the Middle East to Greec islands.

The financial issue raised by Al-Sarraj leads to two conclutions: first, is that the EU-Turkish deal created a precedent the Libyans would see as a benchmark.

(On photo: PM Al-Sarraj with president Tusk).

Second, the Colonel Gaddfi’s gold is still missing five years after the assassination.

Where is Gaddfi’s gold? Reportedly shortly before the assassination on 20th October 2011 during the battle of his native Sirte, Gaddafi sold a fifth of Libya’s gold reserves, and most of the proceeds from this sale is still missing. “King of Kings of Africa” had an enormous fortune,  supposedly worth over $200 billion, vanished without trace.

Prime Minister Al-Sarraj also visited NATO headquaters, meeting GenSec Jens Stoltenberg.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj on Wednesday (1 February 2017) for talks on the security situation in Libya. The Secretary General said he was encouraged by the progress being made in the fight against ISIL in Libya and conveyed NATO’s support to the Government of National Accord.

However many experts and social media users question NATO’s role in the collapse of the Libyan state, and the migrant crisis as a derivative.



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