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Canada shelters US banned migrants


Canada will offer temporary residency to any traveler restricted by U.S. President Donald Trump’s orders temporarily barring people from seven hight risk of Islamic radical terrorists infiltration countries and conflict zones, an official said on weekend.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen told a news conference he did not know how many people might be eligible but said only a handful of passengers headed to the United States from Canada had been denied boarding.

Trump’s decision on Friday, affected around 400 passengers arriving to JFK Airport, and some more travellers planning to come indirect flights.

Interpreted by the majority of US mass-media as #MuslimBan, preferring to ignore terrorist thereat from the conflict zones,  especially from Syria and Libya, the decision had to be explained by President Trump in social media.

The decision of Canadian officials to host travellers from seven countries ban under anti-terrorist strategy will inevitable reflect in reinforced control checks at US-Canadian border.

However the current decision of Canadian authorities is far from being a final conclusion. According to the polls half of Canadian citizens support President’s Trump controlled immigration policy.

At present there are more than one million Muslims in Canada; the community is going to triple in next 20 years. (Photo: illustration with PM Justin Trudeau)



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