Eurogroup discusses Greece and Portugal


Today the Eurogroup will discuss the progress achieved to date in the ongoing second review of Greece’s economic adjustment programme, based on the updates by the European institutions participating in the review.

Ministers will also look into the implementation of the short-term debt relief measures, which Eurogroup endorsed at its meeting on 5 December 2016.

The institutions will brief the Eurogroup on the respective outcomes of the 6th post-programme surveillance mission to Ireland, and the fifth post-programme surveillance mission to Portugal. Both missions took place between the end of November and the beginning of December 2016.

The aim of post-programme monitoring is to see whether there are any risks that might jeopardise the member state’s ability to repay the loans which it received under a financial assistance programme. The monitoring is carried out until at least 75% of the received assistance has been repaid.


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    I have also been in Portugal twice (Madeira and Algarve) and it was an amazing experience! I did a website about it with some articles:

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