Belarus poltician slams EU relocation deal

The leader of Belarus National Front party (BNF) Alexei Yanukevich swiftly commented on plans of the Belarussian authorities to co-operate with the EU on migrants relocation. A year ago the BNF vocally protested against the possible arriving of refugees to Bearus relaxing the overflow to Europe.
“We will monitor the situation”, – ensured Yanukevich, pointing out to many unknown details of the deal, reportedly concluded between the European Commission and Belarus government. In first place, if there are relocation plans for refugees already registered in EU countries, these plans are neither compliant with human rights no ‘interests of Belarus people’.
However is these deals are targeting asylum-seekers who come directly to Belarus to apply for status there, it is a different situation. Belarus is able to provide some aid to a number of refugees, but within ‘reasonable range’.
Yanukevich criticised the EU institutions for the lack of transparency, and almost ‘secrecy’ in communicating these socially significant information to Belarus people.
The vivid discussion of possible relocation of migrants from EU countries – Greece and Italy in first place – started after publications, claiming such a deal between parties has been already concluded. Till recent the Eastern European EU member states were reluctant to offer hospitality to migrants coming in increasing numbers, provoking a political crisis in many European countries. More than one million migrants came to EU by land and by sea in 2016, the solution of the problem has not been found yet.
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