Deadline to USA ‘political’ ambassadors


The politically appointed US ambassadors are denied the extension of their mandate beyond the inauguration day 20/01/2016, according to the State department sources in Washington DC.

The decision of the president-elect Donald Trump to accelerate the process of
political change in the US corps-diplomatique  is not surprising to independent experts,
pointing at the necessity of moving rapidly altering  policies of the previous administration from one hand,  and personal dynamic, ‘no nonsense’ style of Mr.Trump from the other.
Usually the rotations of political appointees have been performed in more relaxed fashion, and those who have schoolchildren could wait until the end of the semester.
However worldwide the US diplomats are used to political rotations, and embassies highly skilled stuff is perfectly capable to carry out their mission awaiting a new head without any visible frictions.
The other element that makes Trump’s move logical is the concept of ambassadors serving ‘at pleasure of the President’, meaning that any US top diplomat can be given a notice at any time.
Apparently, the memo was sent around before Christmas, meaning that the diplomats had a month for practical arrangements.
The measure concerns ‘political’ ambassadors, who have close ties with Obama administration  and are chosen for their merits, often expressed in contributing in financial terms as donors to presidential camp.
Finally the rejection of ‘grace’ in form of postponing the departure indicates the intention of Trump’s administration to take a ‘vertical start’ to commence the fulfilment of the election programme without delay, including the foreign policy areas.
The EU had already experienced lengthy periods of work with the US Embassy in absentia of ambassador, who had to pass a procedure of the Senate approval after the President’s appointment, while the career diplomats carried out their mission with excellence, widely admitted in Brussels. This time there are no signs of immediate departure of Amb. Anthony Luzzatto Gardner, how is not a ‘political’ appointee,  but a career diplomat, leading the US Mission to the EU from 2013, and  as a major goal  pursuing an objective to conclude the Transatlantic Trade and Investment partnership (TTIP).
(Source: AFP, NYT)
Illustration: president-elect Donald Trump at White House with presidnet Barak Obama
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