Brexit: Tim Barrow UK envoy to EU


A career diplomat, and former ambassador to Moscow, Tim Barrow (52) will come to Brussels as a replacement for ambassador Sir Ivan Rogers to lead the UK Representation to the European Union.

Political director of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office,  Barrow would start working from next week onwards, according to UK officials. The PM office ensured there will be no vacuum after Roger’s departure.

Along his career Barrow demonstrated excellence in performing at most challenging missions operating as an envoy to Russia in 2011-2015, the times of dramatic deterioration of relations between the Kremlin and the West.

Ambassador Barrow has been promoted being well-known as ‘problem solver’ and ‘pragmatist’ to what is considered the most challenging UK diplomatic mission of all.

The Brexit leading politician in Brussels UKIP MEP Nigel Farage explained the self-imposed departure of ambassador Rogers as a part of replacement process of ‘StrongerIn’ governmental campaigners. The point of view indirectly confirmed by European Commission’s spokesperson Natasha Bertraud laments over Rogers’ quitting.

The decision of a civil servant Ivan Rogers to explain to broader public his decision to quit over accumulated frustrations over his government lack of clarity and strategy in Brexit has been seen by many experts as a ‘last sing of anarchy’ while preparing to evoke Article 50.

While the ‘remainers’ lamented Sir Rogers, the ‘brexiters’ cheered his successor Barrow. Boris Johnson is the most enthusiastic over a new appointment, calling Barrow a ‘brilliant’ man.

The role of the UK Permanent representative to the EU is crucial in delivery of accurate information to the Prime Minister and government during #Brexit period.

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