UK to leave Human Rights Court


The Prime Minister  Theresa May intention to abandon the European Convention on Human Rights will be at heart of her 2020 general election campaign, claims UK media. Downing Street sources presumed the Prime Minister supports plans to “lift and shift” the rights enshrined in the Convention and replicate them by the UK law. The plans would give the UK Supreme Court the ultimate authority on the interpretation of the rights and interpretations.

“The insight into the Prime Minister’s thinking gives “clean Brexit” advocates hope, with the Prime Minister appearing to endorse ‘taking back control’, -commented Leave means leave  group activists.

“Although we have no quarrel with the content of the European Convention on Human Rights, it is the way in which that document is applied that gives us difficulty. The Government are certainly committed to seeking to do something about that”- said Attorney General, Jeremy Wright MP to The Telegraph newspaper.

“A clean break  (from the ECHR) is by far the best option and, if we put it in the manifesto, even those Tory MPs who are squeamish about the idea will have to get behind it.  A manifesto pledge also means the Lords will have to let it through eventually. All the signs are that the Prime Minister is up for this.”

(Source: The Telegraph, Leave means leave group)

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