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#CETA signed by Belgium

Brussels. Today at 11 AM the vice-Prime minister of Belgium Didier Reynders signed Free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada (#CETA) in presence of the Europan Trade Commissioner Cecilia
Malmström, the chief negotiator for the European Commission Mauro Petriccione, Ambassador of Canada to Belgium Olivier Nicoloff and the President of the Belgian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce Jean- Pierre Tanghe.
The decision to sing #CETA followed after Wallonian Parliament voted in favor on Friday (58-5).
The EU-Canada free trade agreement to be signed tomorrow on 30th of October at Summit in Brussels.
The Wallonian ‘no’ voters do not hide their dissapointment reffering to #CETA as ‘hellish maichine”, and lament the ‘power exercise’ of the European Commission.
Anna Van Densky
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