First “China-EU Youth Short Film Festival”, on Oct. 12th., in Brussels

To boost the mutual understanding and friendship by further cultural events, the “Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union”, in collaboration with the “China Cultural Center in Brussels”, will hold the first “China-EU Youth Short Film Festival” on October 12th.. Screenings of a selection of 13 short movies will be presented at the “China Cultural Center in Brussels”, the “University of Leuven”, and the “Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle et des Techniques de Diffusion” (“INSAS”).


Being part of the “China Arts Festival in the European Union” (October to December 2016), the “China-EU Youth Short Film Festival” is organized in parallel with the second edition of the “Chinese Film Festival”.

A selection of  brilliant short films created by young Chinese college students and of outstanding short films from students of “INSAS”, Brussels, have been chosen to be part of the programmation for this very first edition. Young Chinese film directors and production teams will also be present to interact with the audience during the day. In this way, the willingness of the organizers is to provide common ground for exchanging ideas through film languages, and to provoke vibrant communication between the youth of China and Europe.

This event is free of charge and registration is not necessary to attend.

Opening of the "Chinese Cultural Center" in 2015 (c) "News Xinhuan"

Opening of the “Chinese Cultural Center” in 2015
(c) “News Xinhuan”

Place: “China Cultural Center in Brussels”Rue Philippe Le Bon, 2, 1000 Brussels (at the other side of the “Maelbeek” metro station).

Program (movies are subtitled in English)

10AM – 12PM :

« Three inches of Memory », 24min.
« The Wonder Land », 19min.
« The Stepmother », 25min.
« En attendant le dégel », 19min.
« Dos au mur », 14min.

2.00PM – 5.15PM :

« At the Foot of Mount Gemu », 12min + 10min discussion.
« Hai Zi », 23min + 10min discussion.
« Monstre », 19min.
« Mato Twilight », 25min + 10min discussion.
« Tata », 11min.
« Granduncle », 25min + 10min discussion.
« XYZ, the City Hunter », 25min.
« Expectations », 25min and 10min discussion.

Three short movie directors will be present during the afternoon to interact about their respective movies: Maxime Hourdain for “XYZ, the City Hunter” (25min), Alexandre Gilmet for “Tata”(11min) and Delphine Girard for “Monstre” (19min).

"Grain to Pixel", pictures from the 80's till now

“Grain to Pixel”, pictures from the 80’s till now

… And don’t forget that the “China Cultural Center in Brussels” gives us many opportunities to visit nice exhibitions of paintings, photographies, sculptures or installations, during the all year, as well to can learn the chinese language, to write or to cook like in China! …

YAN Zhenquan, Director

YAN Zhenquan, Director

Opened from Monday till Wednesday, from 9:30 a.m. till 8 p.m., Thursday and Friday, from 9:30 a.m. till 6 p.m. Be welcome, free of charge, to learn overthere over the Chinese Culture.


Yves Calbert.

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