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The “Nuvola” by Massimiliano Fuksas

14 Luglio 2016

Moreno Maggi Courtesy Studio Fuksas

After eight years of work at the new Convention Centre in Rome, the realization of the most controversial of Fuksas is finally concluded. Tuesday, July 19 took place the presentation of the work in the night: a tour through the 17 thousand tons of steel and 58 thousand meters of the structure of glass, with the spectacular play of lights.

The so-called ‘Nuvola’ is missing only a name, which will be chosen through a competition of ideas announced during the presentation to the press from the top of Eur Spa, who commissioned the work. The name will be revealed during a live Rai October 29, the date set for the official inauguration of the structure.

” It is not a building – emphasizes Enrico Pazzali, CEO Eur spa – but will generate wealth for Rome and the country, with significant employment and economic flows. A study by the chamber of commerce estimates that a congressman spends about 1,400 Euros in Congress and we, in 3-5 years, we can aim to accommodate between 200 and 300 thousand delegates a year, which means a potential impact on the territory between 300 and 400 million. Our goal is to internationalising Rome on by the congress tourism, on which we are deficient”.

©Archivio Fuksas

©Archivio Fuksas

Work began in 2008 and ended on June 30/2016, six months earlier than the last time schedule defined by the contruction company Condotte.

The giant building has cost about 273 million, and employed a steel amount “equal to almost 3 times the iron used in the Eiffel Tower,” said the Chairman of the Management Board of Condotte, Duccio Astaldi.

The result can be read in terms of space and size: with a volume of 281 thousand square meters the congress center can accommodate up to 8,000 people, including more than 6,000 in the conference rooms and 1,762 in the Auditorium “scenic heart of the project.”

Impossible not to be impressed by the imposing space, which is revealed to visitors in all its boldness, the skeleton of steel that shapes the cloud, wrapped in a special fiberglass cloth backing, the ceilings with exposed plants of the hall plenary, to the solidity of steel and glass case. The latter, 40 meters high, 70 wide and 175 long, which will house the auditorium, is lined by more than 4700 American cherry wood panels that will ensure high performance in terms of noise level.

Receptive function, finally, the so-called ‘Lama’, 55 m high, 126 m long and 14 m wide, inside which will place a hotel with 439 rooms, with underground parking for 600 cars.

Antonio Gala

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