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53d. “Europeade”, in Namur, July 20th. till 24 th.

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From July 20th. till 24th., Namur will be the European Capital of the Folklore. Indeed, with the 53th. “Europeade”, streets and squares of the Capital of Wallonia will welcome 4.300 dancers, musicians and singers, members of 160 folklore’s groups, coming from 25 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Groenland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lituania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Swiss and United Kingdom
The Mayor of Namur a former dancer of the local folkore's group "Masuis and Cotelis" (c) ""

The Mayor of Namur a former dancer of the local folkore’s group “Masuis and Cotelis”
(c) “”

It’s on the initiative of  the Mayor of Namur, Maxime Prévot, also Minister of Wallonia, who is a former dancer of the local group “Masuis and Cotelis”, that his City organize the “Europeade”, created in 1964 (during only 2 days, at this time). Being back there 7 other times (1966, 1968, 1971, 1974, 1979, 1988 and 2002), the “Europeade” cames only once in Wallonia. This was in Marche-en-Famenne, in 1969. So, 47 years later, this great event takes place, for the seond time only, in Wallonia (as a 3d. Belgian City, for one total, in 53 years, of 31 European Cities, from 14 countries (Allemagne, Austria, Belgium, Denemark, Estonia, France, Italiy, Latvia, Lituania, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Swiss).
The local group "Masuis and Cotelis"

The local group “Masuis and Cotelis”

Coming for the 10th. time in Belgium, 4 countries welcomed 7 editions of the “Europeade”: France, in 4 cities (Annecy, Quimper, Libourne and Rennes), Germany, in 7 cities (Bayreuth, Dortmund, Frankenberg, Gotha, Herzogenaurach, München and Schwalmstadt), Italy, in 4 cities (Bolzano, Nuaro, Padova  and Torino) and Spain, in 5 cities (Gijon, Marbella, Valencia, Valladolid and Zamora). Writing about the cities, right after Antwerp, with 8 organizations, we find 4 cities from 4 countries, with 3 organizations: Horsens (Denmark), Martigny (Swiss), Nuaro (Italy) and Rennes (France).
On a Swedish Square (c)""

On a Swedish Square (c)””

So, in Namur, during 5 days, this will be so good (especially this year, right after Nice, Brussels, Paris, Sousse, …) to celebrate the joice of life and the good harmony between more than 4.000 people from so many European countries, ethnics backgrounds, philosophys, religions, languages, political ideals, …, in relation with the local people and one great audience coming from everywhere to celebrate the unity in diversity by the dances, the music and the songs.
(c) ""

(c) “”

The organization of this event is in the hands of an International Committee, composed by members representing the various regions of Europe, which then gives mandate to an Executive Board. Some of their members came different times in Namur to meet the local organization, with hundreds of volunteers, (guides for each group, housing, kitchen, reception and technical staffs, …) being coordinated by Frédéric Laloux, executive director of the non profit association “NEW” (“Namur-Europe-Wallonia“).
The parade in the Helsinborg's streets (c) ""

The parade in the Helsinborg’s streets
(c) “”

 Last year, for the 52d. edition of the “Europeade”, he was also leading the official delegation of the City of Namur with Cécile Crefcoeur, his Cultural Alderwoman, in Helsinborg, Sweden, who succeeded to Kielce, Poland, in 2014.
The "Europeade" 's flag is gived by Helsingborg to Namur, represented by Cécile Crefcoeur, his Cultural Alderwoman

The “Europeade” ‘s flag is gived by Helsingborg to Namur, represented by Cécile Crefcoeur, his Cultural Alderwoman

During their stay in Namur, the paricipants will have the opportunity to visit some museums, to spend some time on the Citadel and to do some shopping downtown, but also, first of all, they will discover the rich local and regional folklore, especially during a “Welcome Show”, on “Place Maurice Servais”, on Wednesday, the 20th., at 07.30 p.m.

The "Alfers" from Namur, in Sweden (c) ""

The “Alfers” from Namur, in Sweden

Note, also, the organization of one exhibition on the “Europeade” (« Galerie du Beffroi/Belfort Gallery », during the 5 days, from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.), one firework (at the “Pont des Ardennes/Ardennes’ Bridge”, on Wednesday, the 20th., at 11 p.m.), one “Europeade’s Village” (Place d’Armes, each day from 10 a.m. till 11 p.m., excepted Sunday, the 24th., till 6 p.m.), one « Parade » (on Saturday, the 23d., from 3 till 6 p.m.), without to forget, last but not least,  3 free shows (but only by reservation, for security reasons), organized in « Namur Expo »: the « Opening Gala » (on Thursday, the 21st., at 07 p.m.), the “Vocal Music Concert” (on Friday, the 22d., at 07 p.m.), and theClosing Gala” (on Sunday, the 24th., at 3 p.m.), with the presence of several Ambassadors, local, provincial, regional and international officials.
The 2015 "Closing Gala"(c) « »

The 2015 “Closing Gala”(c) « »


On the “Place d’Armes”, each evening, at 09.30 p.m., different concerts will be gived, for free, to everyone, with: « Oli F. » (French Pop), on Wednesday, the 20th., « Mercy » (Cover Band), on Thursday, the 21st., « Julien Jaffrès » (Celtic Rock), on Friday, the 22d., and « Those Fucking Bells » (Irish Folk Rock), on Saturday, the 23d.
Also, don’t miss the free activities of the “Place Maurice Servais”, like one “Children Ball”, one « Jam Session », one « European Concert of Musical Groups », one “Europeade by Night”, one “Europeade’s Ball”,  …
To take a look on the full program, don’t hesitate to visit the web site: to look some videos films on: and on:
In Namur, also, but on the other side of the Meuse, 2 dates to remember: one “Fiesta Latina” (with, on stage, 36 Mexicans, including “Mariachis” musicians, and 25 dancers, musicians and singers coming from Equator), in the “Espace Laloux”, being located in the “Astrid Park” of Jambes-Namur, from the 19th. till the 21st. of August 2016, and the 57th. “World Folklore Festival of Jambes-Namur” (with 6 native groups coming from 4 or 5 continents), in the same “Astrid Park”, in August 2017.
Yves Calbert.
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